Biden Struggles To Gasp For Air During Meeting

( On Monday morning, Joe Biden met with Japanese Emperor Naruhito at the Imperial Palace.

Joe Biden was gasping for air and out of breath by the time he stepped out of the automobile, took six steps, and began speaking with Emperor Naruhito.

His mask flaps were drawing in and blowing out air.

This is the president of the United States.

Maybe the lack of oxygen to his brain can explain away the multitude of monumental gaffes the bumbling President has made?

President Biden left his advisers scrambling in Tokyo when he deviated from decades of carefully developed policy and warned that the US would protect it militarily if China invaded Taiwan.

“Yes, we made that pledge,” Biden responded.

Biden’s staff quickly responded by claiming that the administration’s position had not altered. But it was reminiscent of a speech Biden gave in Warsaw two months previously when he closed it by ad-libbing the phrase that Vladimir Putin couldn’t stay in power as Russia’s president and Russia needed regime change. His staff hurried to walk back his remarks.

This was remarkably similar to a gaffe two months earlier when Biden appeared to indicate that the US might allow “a modest invasion” by Russia into Ukraine — an allegation that Biden and his advisers rushed to explain.

In response to the public outrage, Biden declared that he’s been quite explicit with President Putin the next day. “There is no misunderstanding with him. It is an invasion if some — any — assembled Russian forces cross the Ukrainian border.”

Biden is a self-described “gaffe machine” who once had to tell reporters, in 1987, that he feels very capable of using his mouth in sync with his mind.” However, as president, Biden’s rinse-and-repeat pattern of deviating from the script — followed by his team’s now-honed cleaning attempts — has muddled US policy aims and even damaged Biden himself.

Monday wasn’t the first time Biden has gotten ahead of the US’ official policy of “strategic ambiguity” toward Taiwan — an achievement that comes as no surprise for a man whose opponents say isn’t strategic and whose friends say is seldom ambiguous.

When asked if the US would defend Taiwan if China invaded it during a CNN town hall in October, Biden said, “Yes, we commit to doing that” — a comment his aides quickly clarified did not reflect a shift in policy.

Bonnie Glaser, the head of the Asia program at the German Marshall Fund of the United States, said she had counted five occasions when the president has mentioned Taiwan, and she claims he has misrepresented American foreign policy each time.

Glaser explained that President Biden has a habit of adding words that mischaracterize US policy toward Taiwan. We do not have a pledge under the Taiwan Relations Act. We are not obligated to protect Taiwan.

Shhh. Don’t tell Biden. His lips are moving. He’s got us covered.