Biden Starts Sniffing Jil’s Hair Instead Of Singing The Anthem On July 4th

( It was business as usual at the Biden White House.
President Joe Biden needed to be reminded to say “God Bless America” by his wife Jill Biden at the White House Fourth of July celebration. The First Lady Jill raced in to help Joe as he became confused again.

Joe Biden expressed his gratitude by sniffing Jill’s hair.

Reports show that President Biden has frequently shown a lack of regard for the United States and its established principles. He has also made a ton of mistakes when speaking in public. When the Bidens spoke on the South Lawn to celebrate Independence Day, one or both inclinations were again displayed.

Video reports show the President seemed to be finishing his remarks when he suddenly showed signs of confusion. ‘God bless America’ was his wife’s attempt to defuse the situation as he turned to face her. The first lady then repeated the sentence to ensure everyone heard it when Biden turned the microphone in her direction.

The incident was perceived by many social media users as another Biden blunder in which the president was unable to recall one of the most fundamental things he was required to say.

On social media, Biden’s obvious mental degeneration was described as “a horrible thing to see” by one user, while another said Jill Biden should convince him to step down for his own sake.

Others who watched the video perceived it in a more menacing light. Many users questioned if Biden omitted the phrase “God bless America” on purpose. One person stated she thought there was a reason he let his wife speak it in his place.

There are many grounds to believe that Biden does not love and value this nation as much as previous presidents did, even if it may be a stretch to presume he did when he omitted to add, “God bless America.”

It has never been more crucial for our leader to show thanks for the United States and its ideals in a time when too many individuals are attempting to undermine our nation’s fundamental principles.

Whether on purpose or by mistake, Biden’s inability to say “God bless America” on this Fourth of July should worry every American.