Biden Skips Visiting National Tragedies After Spending Years Lecturing Trump For Lack Of Empathy

( Tyler O’Neil, an editor at Fox, just made a really important point about President Joe Biden. In an op-ed, O’Neil noted that the former vice president campaigned strongly on the idea of being an empathic man, but that he has yet to visit any of the communities affected by some of the biggest tragedies that have occurred over the last year.

In February of 2020, Biden said, “Empathy matters, compassion matters.”

He added that people need to “reach out to one another and heal this country” and that’s what he would do as president. He promised to “restore the soul of America” and “heal,” but so far, we’ve just seen skyrocketing good and gas prices, and a more divided society than ever.

And not only that, Biden hasn’t visited the families of the victims of Darrell Brooks, the man who allegedly plowed his SUV into attendees of a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on November 21.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that Biden has been “in touch” with officials in the region where it happened, but that the president has no intention of visiting the community.

It’s hard to defend when you consider the fact that the president did visit the family of Jacob Blake, an armed man who was shot by police officers.

And after Ethan Crumbley allegedly killed four students in a school shooting attack, and injured seven people including a teacher in an Oxford Township, Michigan high school, Biden has yet to visit the scene or meet with the families of victims. The White House has not offered any details of any plans for him to visit.

Oh, and don’t forget the people who were crushed in a stampede at a concert in Astroworld on November 5 in Texas. He didn’t go there, either.

O’Neil is right on this, isn’t he?

What kind of “compassionate” presidency is this?