Biden Sets Another Historic First With New Approval Below Trump And Obama

( Every week it seems that we hear of a new poll that confirms something the whole world already knew – and this week is no different. According to a Gallup survey that was published on Tuesday, some 63% of Americans – a substantial majority – believe that President Joe Biden is not a strong and decisive leader.

Does that surprise anybody?

Gallup reported that the number of people who believe he is a strong leader – just 37% – is significantly lower than most of his predecessors, including former President Donald Trump. The same survey found that 54% of respondents saw the former president as strong ad decisive. In fact, it was one of the main characteristics that American voters associate with the former president.

Barack Obama was viewed as strong and decisive by 56% of Americans, and George W. Bush was considered strong and decisive by 63% of the American public. That’s the same percentage as those who think Biden is weak and indecisive.

The study was released just after the one-year anniversary of Joe Biden’s presidency and revealed that while most people think Biden is “likable,” they just don’t think he is doing a good job.

91% of Democrats said that Biden was likable, while 59% of independence said the same. Only 28% of Republicans said he was likable.

Is it likely that the American public just see Joe Biden as a grandpa being manipulated by the people around him?