Biden Nominee’s Secret A Is Adam Schiff’s Aide Who Trained at Hunter Biden’s Think Tank

( Remember four years ago it was reported that two Russian comedians managed to hoodwink Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff into believing they were Ukrainian politicians who had compromising dirt on then-President Donald Trump?

The two comedians, Vladimir “Vovan” Kuznetsov and Alexi “Lexus” Stolyarov phoned Adam Schiff’s office in 2017 and recorded their conversation with the hapless Congressman. They told Schiff that they had obtained “classified” recordings and documents that proved Russian President Vladimir Putin was blackmailing Trump. Among the documents the comedians claimed to have in their possession were nude photos of the former president taken when he had an “affair” with a supposed Russian model.

Schiff, who appeared to be furiously taking notes during the call, said he would contact the FBI. He told Vovan and Lexus that someone in his office would be in contact with them to make arrangements to obtain their blackmail “evidence.”

He then passed the task on to a staffer named Rheanne Wirkkala who proceeded to exchange emails with the pair of hoaxers to arrange receipt of the phony compromising dirt.

At the time the story broke, the UK Daily Mail posted the audio of the initial phone call and also published some of the emails Rheanne Wirkkala exchanged with the Ukrainian politicians comedians.

Definitely not Adam Schiff’s finest hour. After he got punked, Schiff claimed that he knew all along it was a hoax. But, really? What else was he going to say?

Well, that same Schiff staffer who fell for the Russian pranksters’ hoax has been nominated by President Joe Biden to serve as Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs at the Pentagon.

Yeah, really.

For Democrats, failure has always been a resumé-enhancer.

Rheanne Wirkkala is currently working as the Special Assistant for Strategy to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Hopefully, Austin doesn’t let her handle any email communications.

Vovan and Lexus pranked several other lawmakers, including the late Senator John McCain and the babbling nitwit Congresswoman Maxine Waters. But in those calls, they never offered to provide “classified” information.