Biden Mumbles In Disturbing Inflation Video

( Last Tuesday, President Biden flew to Iowa to announce that he was issuing an emergency waiver permitting the year-round sale of gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol as a way to combat high gas prices.

So, to be clear, the President, who just a few weeks ago acknowledged that there will be global food shortages stemming from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, is calling on farmers to use limited supplies of fertilizer caused by Russia’s invasion to produce corn for ethanol.

Seems like a stupid idea, especially when you consider how ethanol gas pollutes more, reduces mileage, and damages engines.

And as he began his remarks from the POET Bioprocessing plant in Menlo, Iowa, Grandpa Joe, looking a little lost and confused, started with a sputter.

He opened his remarks by saying when he was campaigning in Iowa he made a commitment. But midway through the sentence, he appeared to forget what he was leading up to, because then he sputtered, “I don’t think anybody heard, but we’re back. We’re back.”

Yeah, well? What was the commitment you made, Joe?

Then, in introducing himself, Joe Biden seemed to forget who he was, saying “My name is Jon . . . Joe Biden.”

Good grief:

At one point during his meandering speech, it appeared that bird-poo landed on Joe’s shoulder:

Needless to say, the news that a bird crapped on the president spread like wildfire on social media, prompting “fact-checkers” to toss a wet blanket on everybody’s fun.

Snopes was quick to rate the claim “miscaptioned,” noting that it wasn’t bird droppings, but a “corn byproduct” that hit the President’s shoulder.