Biden Has Brain Freeze Before Boarding Air Force One

( Poor Joe Biden. He can never get his facts straight even from one second to the next.

Last week, before boarding Air Force One in Los Angeles for his return trip to Washington, the president held a brief Q&A with reporters on the tarmac.

When asked by a reporter if he had decided whether or not to travel to Saudi Arabia, the president’s answer was clear, “No. Not yet.”

Okay, so Biden hasn’t decided whether or not to travel to Saudi Arabia.

Are you following along?

The reporter then followed up by asking what was holding up the decision to go to Saudi Arabia. The reporter wanted to know if Biden was waiting for specific commitments from the Saudis on peace talk negotiations before making his decision.

Biden told reporters that he isn’t waiting on commitments because they don’t have anything to do with energy. He said there is going to be “a larger meeting taking place in Saudi Arabia,” adding “that’s the reason I’m going.”

Ah, okay. So he is going to Saudi Arabia.

Only Joe Biden would think “No. Not yet” and “that’s the reason I’m going” aren’t contradictory.