Biden Fires Special Trump Appointee From Job

( President Joe Biden is continuing his petty tirade against former President Donald Trump, firing every government official he can find who was appointed by former President Donald Trump. Unlike the former president, who kept some appointed officials from the Obama era and trusted that they would work in the interests of the American people, Biden just successfully fired Mark Calabria, the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.

It followed a ruling from the Supreme Court on Wednesday, in the Collins v. Yellen case, that said the structure of the agency is in part unconstitutional and ended a restriction that required the president to fire the head of the agency for cause. Now, Biden can successfully fire the head of the agency for…no cause.

Within only one hour of the ruling from the Supreme Court, President Joe Biden fired Calabria. The fact that Calabria argued that the government should not have control over mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, probably had a lot to do with it.

In a statement, Calabria said that he respects the ruling from the Court and accepted that Biden had the authority to remove him, and politely said that it was the “honor of a lifetime” to serve in the role. He added that he worked alongside “world-class staff.”

See, President Biden? That’s real class right there.

The Trump-appointed official was replaced with Sandra Thompson, who was the deputy director of the Division of Housing and Mission Goals at FHFA since 2013. She said that she was honored to be appointed by the president until a permanent director is confirmed.

Have you ever wondered how insulting it must be for people to be appointed as an “acting” director, knowing that they are about to be replaced by someone more qualified?

We’ll report back as soon as President Biden finds someone else appointed by Trump to fire.