Biden Expected To Escalate Tensions In Upcoming Meeting With Putin

( President Joe Biden is reportedly all set to bring up the issue of recent cyberattacks against the United States with Russian President Vladimir Putin at an upcoming summit in Switzerland. The Biden-Putin summit, expected to take place later this month, will be an opportunity for the two leaders to discuss the rising tensions between Russia and the West…and it will be an opportunity for Biden to put his money where his mouth is and prove he can effectively do deals with Russia.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, Biden said that the White House is “looking closely” at the issue of Russian hacking and has yet to decide how to retaliate. It follows the hack of the nation’s biggest pipeline, the Colonial Pipeline, and the SolarWinds attack that compromised several government agencies and hundreds of American businesses.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Wednesday that “responsible states do not harbor ransomware criminals” and added that the White House was not taking any options off the table in terms of how the United States will respond.

It has been almost six months since President Biden was inaugurated…you’d think he’d have thought about how to respond to Russia by now.

The June 16 meeting between the two world leaders will take place in Geneva, Switzerland. It will be President Biden’s first overseas trip since entering the White House, and will be a huge test. Biden has dealt with President Putin before, and when he recently called the Russian leader a “killer,” he was roundly mocked by Putin in the form of an offer to debate together live on stage.

And we all know how terrible Biden is when it comes to debates.

Biden will likely address the Colonial Pipeline hack by Russian hacking group “DarkSide,” and presumably also the JBS USA hack that occurred last week.