Biden Calls On 4 Pre – Selected Reporters For Questions

After President Biden met with Chinese President Xi Jinping for over three hours on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Bali, he spoke to reporters, telling them that he told President Xi that the United States does not seek conflict with China, and he hopes to “manage this competition responsibly.”

When he finished his remarks, the president, as he always does, opened up the press conference to take questions from a list of pre-determined reporters, telling them he was “happy to take questions” and adding, “I’m told there are going to be four questioners.

RNC Research on Twitter: “BIDEN: “I’m happy to take questions and I’m told there will be four questioners”″ / Twitter

He also made it clear at the start, that he would not allow each reporter to ask ten questions.

With his staffers’ guidelines in place, the president called on Wall Street Journal reporter Ken Thomas who asked if Biden believed a “new Cold War with China” could be avoided. Thomas followed up asking if Biden issued any warnings to President Xi about possible actions against Taiwan.

He then called on Associated Press reporter Seung Kim who asked how Biden would assess President Xi’s posture toward the US and if Biden found Xi “more confrontational and more conciliatory and willing to compromise.”

Biden then called on the AFP’s Sebastian Smith who shifted the topic to the war in Ukraine, asking if the president thought Ukraine’s goal of expelling Russia completely, including from Crimea, was realistic.

When he got to his fourth name on the list, Biden struggled a bit, telling reporters, “I’m having trouble reading this.” Finally, he called on Reuters reporter Nandita Bose, only, he called her “Natandya.”

Bose asked Biden if he had discussed North Korea with President Xi, and if he did, what specifically did they discuss.

Bose followed up by asking Biden if he believed China could “talk North Korea out of conducting” nuclear tests and what the repercussions might be for “US-Chinese relations” if North Korea follows through with such a test.

After a lengthy answer, another reporter quickly asked the president what he thinks Americans should expect from Congress on abortion rights. Biden said he didn’t think Americans can expect “much of anything.”

Then as reporters continued to pepper him with questions, Biden declared that he would take no more questions.