Biden Brings Obama Back To The White House

( As former President Barack Obama visits the White House on Tuesday afternoon, President Joe Biden hopes that a dose of nostalgia will boost his declining poll numbers.

Obama will be returning to the official presidential mansion for the first time since leaving office in 2017.

The former president is visiting the White House to tout one of his significant achievements- Obamacare. The kitchen table issue for most Americans is inflation and the cost of living. Biden is banking that the return of Obama will make people reflect upon the past when Obama/Biden “got things done.”

Some analysts believe this is an excellent strategic move, trusting that the charismatic Obama will deliver a good speech at a comfortable venue. But it’s a bit of pie-in-the-sky to think that Obama can magically make our problems disappear. That is going to take actual legislation, not something merely symbolic.

But the prevailing thought on both sides of the aisle is that Biden needs help. His polling is in the dumper, and he seems to be losing the confidence of the American electorate. Assembling a two-man “dream team” seems beneficial, even for just a day. It’s never a terrible thing for a White House to be connected with a beloved former president.

Critics and cynics say, though, if any bounce in polling were to occur, it would be short-lived.

Given the myriad of issues happening at once, President Obama is most likely of limited value to the Biden White House. And some would say the transparency of bringing in “a ringer” seems a tad desperate.

Obviously, Obama and Trump were far more charismatic than the aging and shuffling Biden, who has periodic outbursts of both anger and bewilderment.

More important than giving the Democratic Party a temporary boost are the broader interests of struggling people. Obama’s presence may signal a white house in disarray, and in showing up, he is assuming the role of “the fixer.”

That is not comforting to the people who have always thought of Obama as “the breaker.”