Biden Backs Intelligence Director’s Investigation Into UFOs

( Last week, according to the White House, the office of the DNI, with the backing of President Biden, is “actively working” on a report about UFOs.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters last Tuesday that the White House takes reports about incursions into US air space by any craft – identified or unidentified – very seriously.

“Certainly the president supports ODNI putting together this report,” Psaki added.

Psaki dodged questions on whether the White House would commit to making the report’s findings public, however. Instead, Psaki suggested that question be directed to the intelligence department heading up the investigation.

In December 2020, President Trump signed a bill that gave intelligence officials 180 days to submit a report detailing everything the US government knows about UFOs.

According to Trump’s former DNI John Radcliffe, the report, due out this month, is likely to reveal that there are far more sightings of UFOs than have been previously admitted publicly.

The approaching deadline has naturally sparked renewed interest in the issue of UFOs – something that has for decades captured the imaginations of Americans.

Late Late Show host James Corden even asked former President Barack Obama about it in a recent interview. Obama confirmed what Radcliffe told Fox that military pilots and satellites have frequently captured unidentified objects in US airspace.

During his joint press conference with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, President Biden was asked to comment on his former boss’s comments on the Late Late Show, he dismissed the question before walking off stage.

On Sunday, May 16, CBS’ 60 Minutes aired a report in which a former Navy pilot claimed to have seen UFOs flying off the coast of Virginia nearly every day for two years. His claims seem to add credence to a 2019 Pentagon-confirmed video showing unidentified crafts flying over the naval base in San Diego.

Some, however, believe that, rather than being alien crafts from another planet, there may be more terrestrial explanation for the presence of these unidentified crafts – namely that these crafts are possible foreign surveillance drones. This theory would certainly explain why these crafts are most often observed by the military.