Biden Approves National Monument For First Time Of His Presidency

During his visit to Colorado, President Biden approved a national monument for the first time of his presidency, according to Associated Press. The monument was designated on his trip to Camp Hale, a World War II era training site.

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The alpine location was reportedly where soldiers would go to train for battles in the Italian Alps. Troops who returned from war built the lucrative ski industry in the state.

The outlet reported that while most natural landscapes are designated as monuments by presidents, at least 12 military have also been designated by other presidents. “When you think of the natural beauty of Colorado and the history of our nation, you’ll find it here,” Biden said.

In what is reportedly “separate” from the designation, Biden said that he is “pausing new mining and oil gas drilling on 225,000 acres of public land in the Thompson Divide, a natural gas-rich area not far from Camp Hale,” according to Associated Press.

Preexisting leasing that reportedly account for less than 1% of federal land leases in the state won’t be affected. Republican Congress members called the move a “land grab” and a political stunt meant to further impede domestic energy production. Republican challenger for Colorado Senate Joe O’Dea, who is facing incumbent Democrat Michael Bennett, called Biden’s move a “usurpation of power” because preservation of Camp Hale, which he called a special place, should come from Congress.

During his visit, Biden falsely claimed that his son died in Iraq. In a speech on the need to protect the state’s outdoor spaces in Vail, Colorado, Biden began to discuss a World War II campaign of allies attacking Germans at night.

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In a somewhat befuddled mixture of words, Biden called the actions of soldiers who fought in World War II brave and courageous, telling the audience to imagine the sacrifice of these men, and that he says this as a “father of a man who won the bronze star and the conspicuous service medal and lost his life in Iraq.”

But Joe Biden’s son, Beau Biden, who served in the military, did not lose his life in Iraq. He died of brain cancer at Walter Reed in Bethesda, Maryland in 2015.