Biden Admits To Putting Dead Corpse On Woman’s Front Porch

( President Joe Biden is known by now for making strange statements during his speeches. Beyond the obvious problem of him forgetting where he is, looking confused, and struggling to read his teleprompter, Biden has a tendency to go off on tangents and tell stories that people don’t understand.

And he did it again on Tuesday when he told a strange story about purposely leaving a dead dog on somebody’s front doorstep.

No, we’re not kidding and we’re not exaggerating.

In a speech, Biden described a time when a woman of a “different politician persuasion” than him had called him when he was a member of the city council. She had told him about a dead dog lying on her front lawn. He explained how he told the woman that the county would come and take care of the problem the next morning, which prompted her to insist that it be taken care of immediately.

Biden said that the woman was clearly not happy with his response and insisted that somebody come to her home right away to remove the dog.

“I want it removed now, I pay your salary!” she apparently told Biden.

He then described how he decided to go to the woman’s home. He picked up the dead dog and the woman told him “I want it out of my yard!”

So what did Biden do? Well, he admitted to picking up the dead dog and then putting it on her doorstep.

The audience laughed, and Biden waved and said, “But I’ve gotten much better since then.”



See for yourself:

This is about as weird as the time he talked about children rubbing his hairy legs.