Biden admin relying on Taliban to help evacuate thousands of Americans trapped in Afghanistan

( Because the Biden administration waited to the last minute to evacuate US citizens in Afghanistan, it is now forced to rely on the Taliban to grant safe passage through Kabul to the airport.

This, just weeks after President Biden told a reporter that he does not trust the Taliban.

But the administration has no choice. Because they dragged their feet in getting Americans out, their only recourse is to beg the Taliban to let Americans have safe passage.

National security advisor Jake Sullivan joined press secretary Jen Psaki at Tuesday’s press briefing where they both answers questions about the ongoing crisis to get Americans out.

The naïve Sullivan told reporters that the administration expects that the Taliban will have to be “watched and observed over time,” in order to see if they are “prepared to meet their obligations” to basic human rights and human dignity.

Does Sullivan really think the Taliban believes it has an obligation to basic human rights and human dignity? The Taliban is pulling people from their homes and beheading them in the street.

Sullivan told reporters that the Taliban informed the administration that they are “prepared to provide the safe passage of civilians to the airport,” and that the White House intends to “hold them to that commitment.”

Or what?

If the Taliban reneges, what is the Biden administration prepared to do about it?

This is where the Trump administration was different. President Trump wasn’t afraid to tell America’s enemies that they would face the full force of the US military if they went back on a commitment. But these academics and ivy league grads populating the Biden administration can’t bring themselves to do that.

They aren’t even willing to use the military to go out and get those Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, British paratroopers are leaving the airport and going into Kabul to rescue and evacuate British citizens unable to get to the airport. When the Pentagon was asked why the US is not following Britain’s lead, Major General Hank Taylor said that the US was focused on securing the airport to allow American citizens “and other SIVs” to come in and be processed at the airfield.

Problem is, they have to get to the airfield first. And since the US is unwilling to go to them, the White House has to rely on the Taliban’s laughable “obligation” to basic human rights and human dignity to let the Americans come to them.

What a mess.