Bernie Sanders Tried To Sabotage Super bowl By Turning It Woke In Disturbing “Stunt”

( A cranky Bernie Sanders found a way to use the Super Bowl as an occasion to demand President Biden cancel student loan debt. Then again, Bernie can always find a reason to bring up student loans.

What prompted the Vermont Senator’s latest tirade on student loan debt was his discovery that the LA Rams’ stadium is named for the loan refinancing company SoFi.

In a huffy tweet Sunday night, Sanders expressed his disgust over how this student loan refinancing outfit could spend $625 million to get its name on the LA Rams’ football stadium “when 45 million Americans are drowning in $1.8 trillion in student debt.”

Bernie answered his own question.

Clearly, there is a market for student loan refinancing since 45 million Americans have amassed $1.8 trillion in student debt. And what better way to get your name out to the public than to have a football stadium named after you?

But for Bernie Sanders, this is proof that Joe Biden must cancel student debt.

What a killjoy.

Sanders, along with the rest of the so-called “progressive” Democrats have been screeching for years that the federal government “cancel” student loan debt. In 2019, the socialist senator proposed a plan to eliminate $1.6 trillion in student loan debt by taxing Wall Street banks to pay for it.

Bernie believes that education is a “fundamental right.” And by “fundamental right,” he means other people should be forced to pay for someone else’s college education. Funny how all the “fundamental rights” socialists invent rely on someone else footing the bill.

Despite campaigning on canceling $10,000 in federal student loan debt per borrower, President Biden has yet to follow through on that promise, something that has frustrated and angered the socialists in Congress.

In a recent poll, voters aren’t particularly optimistic that Biden will do anything about student debt this year. Only 21 percent said the president would make “some” or “a lot” of progress on student loan forgiveness in 2022, while the vast majority, 59 percent, thinks he won’t.