Bennie Thompson Supported Islamist Secessionist Movements

( It was reported in Just the News on October 4 that Mississippi Democrat Congressman Bennie Thompson, the current chairman of the January 6 select committee, once openly sympathized with a radical secessionist group that killed police officers.

The group in question, the Republic of New Afrika, was founded in Detroit where, in 1969, it had its first major clash with police that led to the fatal shooting of a police officer. By 1971, as it sought to move its headquarters from Detroit to Mississippi, the FBI had the group under constant surveillance.

Members wanted to create a separate New Afrika nation in the southeastern US. The FBI warned at the time that, to meet that goal, the group was threatening to wage guerilla warfare against the United States.

In 1971, while Bennie Thompson was serving as an alderman in Bolton, Mississippi, Mississippi law enforcement arrested several members of the group while searching for a fugitive in a stolen car. The fugitive, also a member of the Republic of New Afrika, was not found. But the other members were charged with obstruction of justice.

An irate Thompson defended the group at a press conference, accusing the police of treating the members unfairly. Thompson claimed the obstruction charges were an attempt by police to stop the secessionist group from “building its community.”

But “its community” was to be a separate country apart from the United States. You’d think a guy who can’t shut up about the January 6 crowd “overthrowing our democracy” wouldn’t be so nonchalant over something like that.

Sure, that was fifty years ago. But Bennie Thompson’s warm feelings about these secessionists didn’t end a half-century ago. In 2013, he proudly campaigned for Chokwe Lumumba, the former vice president of the Republic of New Afrika, when Lumumba ran for mayor of Jackson, Mississippi’s largest city.

It certainly puts the sincerity of the January 6 select committee into perspective, doesn’t it?

When the committee was about to begin its hearings with testimony from the highly partisan Capitol Hill police officers, Bennie Thompson penned an op-ed in the Washington Post promoting the officers. That same man who defended a group of cop-killing secessionists wrote of the bravery of these Capitol Hill officers and expressed sympathy for what they supposedly endured at the hands of the so-called “insurrectionists.”