Babylon Bee Lawyers Take Action Against New York Times

( Babylon Bee, the satirical website that mocks left-wing extremists with brutal parody news articles, is demanding a retraction from the far-left New York Times. CEO Seth Dillon said on Twitter last week that the satirical website’s lawyers sent a letter to The Times demanding a retraction over false claims made by the newspaper.

It followed an article published by The Times in March which portrayed the Babylon Bee as a website that pushes “misinformation,” despite the website very clearly describing itself as satirical.

The website is known for its obviously fake stories, its funny tweets and social media posts, and its comedy podcast. But the New York Times doesn’t like being parodied or mocked and made the false claim.

Specifically, the article claimed that the Bee is a “right-leaning site” that has “sometimes trafficked in misinformation under the guise of satire.”

No evidence was provided to show that the Bee traffics misinformation under the guise of it being “satire.” The truth appears to be much simpler…and it’s simply that the Babylon Bee is a website that likes to crack jokes.

Seth Dillon pressured the Times to retract its claims earlier this year, which prompted The Times to change the article to read that the Bee has “feuded with Facebook and the fact0checkign site Snopes over whether the site published misinformation or satire.”

It was a clear effort to shift the blame to Facebook and Snopes, who have both also incorrectly labeled the Babylon Bee as “misinformation.” However, Dillon claims that his media outlet has never feuded with Snopes, adding that Snopes ultimately retracted their false claims about the Bee and added an editors’ note confirming that it had never been their intention to call the Bee’s motives into question.

The Babylon Bee’s lawyers say that it is “misleading and malicious” for the New York Times to continue pushing this false narrative, and Dillon said that he cannot stand by as his website’s reputation is harmed by these false claims from the Times.

Thew New York Times has not offered any comment.