April Ryan Asks Psaki Why Biden is Giving Kamala “Trash” Portfolio

(PresidentialInsider.com)- White House reporter April Ryan isn’t happy with how President Biden is treating Kamala Harris.

At last Wednesday’s White House press briefing, Ryan asked press secretary Jen Psaki about a recent comment on CNN by Bakari Sellers. Sellers had suggested during an exchange on voting rights that Vice President Harris’ policy portfolio is “trash,” and that President Biden isn’t doing enough to support her.

Ryan pointed to the President putting Kamala in charge of the border crisis, promoting union membership, as well as heading up voting rights legislation, adding that Sellers’ believes Biden isn’t supporting Harris with the tools she needs to get things done.

Apparently one of the “tools” Ryan thinks Biden should give Kamala is ending the filibuster, which Ryan claims Biden opposes.

But the President can’t end the filibuster. Only the Senate can.

It seems like a silly argument to make because, at the end of the day, what Ryan is implying here is that Kamala Harris, who desperately wants to be President one day, isn’t capable of doing the job without Biden giving her a boost.

Psaki defended President Biden against Ryan’s complaint, saying that Kamala Harris, as the Vice President, is “one of the most powerful people in the world.” Psaki argued that Harris is “the first in the room, the last in the room” and that President Biden is working “by her side to get it done.”

But Ryan, along with fellow activist reporter Eugene Daniels, argued that voting rights activists are frustrated. Daniels asked Psaki what she has to say to those frustrated activists who believe the President isn’t doing enough on voting rights.

Psaki dismissed the question which only made April Ryan angrier. She demanded an answer to what she called Daniels’ “legitimate question.”

Psaki then placed the blame on Republicans, claiming they are “afraid” of voting rights and are blocking the effort.

But at the heart of their complaint is the belief that Kamala Harris isn’t up to the job.

Why would they care what Joe Biden does on voting rights? Kamala wants to be president one day. She’s been put in charge of working with Congress to pass this unconstitutional voting legislation. If she can’t do it on her own, that’s not on Biden; that’s on her.