Apple CEO Backs Gender Indoctrination For Kids

( Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook joined the corporate pig-pile criticizing Florida for passing legislation preventing teachers from discussing sex and gender identity with students in kindergarten through third grade.

In a tweet on Thursday, Cook described himself as a “proud member of the LGBTQ+ community” and expressed his deep concern about laws like the one in Florida which he claims are “focused on our vulnerable youth.”

Cook joined Disney CEO Bob Chapek who also criticized the Florida law he hasn’t read.

But those attacking the Florida law don’t seem to know what the law is really about. Instead, they’re attacking a strawman constructed by the Democrats and the Media who have inaccurately dubbed the law “Don’t Say Gay.”

And while the Democrats and the media have managed to hoodwink fearful CEOs who always offer knee-jerk responses to online pressure campaigns, when Americans are told specifically what the new Florida law entails, the vast majority of them support it.

A survey conducted over the weekend by the Daily Wire found that Florida’s “Parental Rights in Education” law has vast support among the American people.

The Daily Wire did something other media outlets refuse to do, however. It presented respondents with the actual details of the bill.

When asked if they support banning classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in grades K-3, 64 percent of respondents support the law while only 21 percent oppose it. That includes 69 percent of Republicans, 62 percent of Democrats, and 57 percent of independents.

When broken down by race, there is little measurable difference, with 63 percent of whites, 66 percent of blacks, and 62 percent of Hispanics supporting the Florida law.

The Daily Wire poll also found that 68 percent of respondents who are parents support the law as well.

The survey asked respondents if they believe it is appropriate or inappropriate for teachers to instruct K-3 children on “various sexual orientations.” The vast majority, 65 percent of all respondents and 69 percent of parents, believe it is inappropriate. Only 21 percent of respondents said it was appropriate.

The survey also asked if it was appropriate or inappropriate for teachers to instruct K-3 children on gender identities and transgenderism. And once again, the vast majority, 66 percent of all respondents and 69 percent of parents said it was inappropriate. Only 20 percent said it was appropriate.