AOC Wants Americans To Foot The Bill For Canceling Wild Student Debts

( Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants you to know that if you don’t want to pay her student loan debt through your taxes, you’re a small-minded and selfish classist.

The narcissistic Squaddi attacked voters who oppose forcing taxpayers to pick up the tab for other people’s student loan debt after she was asked how she would respond to those who believe forcing taxpayers to pay other’s student loans is unfair.

Rather than answer, Alexandria did what she always does: deploy a false equivalency. She asked if those taxpayers who oppose forgiving student loans supported the Paycheck Protection Program, the forgivable small business loan program set up in one of the many COVID relief bills.

She said if they supported forgiveness of small business loans during COVID but oppose “forgiving” student debt, then clearly these horrible people think it’s okay that only “certain classes” get debts forgiven.

How stupid is this woman?

The Paycheck Protection Program was set up, not because these businesses were irresponsible and couldn’t pay their bills. It was set up because the government forced these businesses to close as part of the foolish COVID lockdowns.

The government didn’t force people to attend a university they couldn’t afford.

Once again, Ocasio-Cortez is comparing apples to turds.

President Biden is supposedly considering forgiving $10,000 in student loan debt for each qualifying person. Naturally, progressives like Ocasio-Cortez aren’t satisfied with Biden sticking taxpayers will billions of dollars in student loan debt. They want the entire trillion-dollar-plus in student loan debt “forgiven” by a wave of Biden’s pen.

According to Diana Furchtgott-Roth, an economics professor at George Washington University, forcing taxpayers to pay student loan debt is unfair to those who already paid off their loans, who chose to attend a less expensive school, and to taxpayers who never attended college at all.

Despite the pandemic being long over, the Biden administration once again extended the pandemic-era deferral on student loan interest through August 31.

Former Obama economic advisor Jason Furman called perpetually deferring the interest on student loans “the worst policy,” adding that the plan is “costly, unjustified, and has added to inflation.”