Anderson Cooper Attacks Cameraman For Cornering Him

Some idiot on TikTok decided to post a video of himself heckling talking head Anderson Cooper in the lobby of CNN’s New York City headquarters last month.

The TikTok-er was apparently unhappy over a report Cooper did for CBS News’s “60 Minutes” last year. The video posted on TikTok shows a guy with a camera chasing after Cooper as he goes to the revolving door that leads into CNN’s Midtown headquarters, badgering him about a segment Cooper did for “60 Minutes” last year on eVTOLs, or electric vehicle take-off and landing aircraft.

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Last year, Cooper, who in addition to working at CNN is a part-time correspondent for “60Minutes,” profiled eVTOL companies, including the Austin-based Lift Aircraft and the California-based company Joby Aviation which is at the forefront of producing air taxis.

In the segment, Cooper takes a test flight in one of the air taxis, exclaiming afterward, “Wow. I, so just wanna, like, take off with it.” The heckler accused the “60 Minutes” host of doing “infomercials” for manufacturers of eVTOLs.

He demanded to know if Anderson Cooper invested in Lift Aircraft, Joby, or another company, Wisk. But Cooper tried to ignore him as he continued through the revolving door.

But the man wouldn’t leave Cooper alone, prompting the CNN anchor to go on a profanity-laced rant. He told the heckler, “what the f**k are you doing?” Then he told him, “Get the f**k away from me.”

The TikTok user goes by “jq public” and claims that he exposes “#FakeNews in the Mainstream TV News that deceive viewers/Consumers/workers.” Though, if this video is an example of his work, he doesn’t “expose” anything except that he’s an enormous jerk. There has been no report that the man was arrested.