Amy Barrett Says She’s Used To Distractions After Getting Heckled

( Earlier this month, Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett was heckled while speaking at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute in Simi Valley, California, and she handled it so deftly, her response prompted applause and laughter from the audience.

During the event, Barrett had just finished describing the discussions she had with her husband when she was initially offered the nomination. She said she and her husband knew her confirmation process would be difficult, but she decided that she wouldn’t let her opponents defeat her.

As she moved on to describe the media frenzy that erupted after her nomination, a heckler interrupted her shouting that Justice Barrett was an enslaver of women.

The audio shuts off briefly as the heckler was removed. Then, rather than get tongue-tied, the quick-thinking Barrett noted, “Fortunately, as a mother of seven, I am used to distractions and sometimes even outbursts.”

The heckler was Luna Hernandez, a left-wing activist who volunteers with the pro-abortion group RiseUp4AbortionRights.

After her silly display, the group released a statement claiming Hernandez was “sounding the alarm” about abortion rights as the Supreme Court is weighing its decision in a recent abortion case that may reverse Roe v Wade.

Naturally, when Hernandez learned what Justice Barrett said in response to her childish outburst, she was offended.

In the group’s statement, Hernandez is quoted saying that when she shouted that “forced motherhood is female enslavement,” she was not having a “childish outburst.”

Oh, boo-hoo. Get over yourself, Luna.