Almost One-Quarter Of Democratic Delegates Vote Against Party Platform

( Democrats were all pomp and circumstance at their four-day Democratic National Convention last week, which officially selected Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris as the party’s presidential ticket.

The party’s convention delegates adopted the party platform, Democratic National Committee officials announced last week. But, they didn’t release detailed information on how many delegates were in support of it.

Now, that information has been released. What it shows is that there is a divide in the party among its traditional moderates and the upstart progressives.

According to the vote totals, 1,069 delegates voted against the Democratic Party platform, while 3,562 approved it and 87 abstained. The number of delegates who voted no is roughly the same number who were pledged to Biden’s biggest challenger in the primaries, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

A convention delegate who was pledged to Sanders spoke to Fox News on the condition of anonymity so he could speak more freely on the topic. He said that DNC officials released the vote tallies after pressure from some Sanders delegates.

The delegate said:

“We were upset. There was pushback. There were emails and phone calls.”

The DNC “should have released the vote during the convention,” he said.

One of the obvious reasons they didn’t do so was to try to show a message of unity within the party when there clearly isn’t any.

Since becoming the clear-cut nominee for the Democrats in the spring, Biden has been trying hard to win over the progressives in the party. He has been particularly focused on trying to convince the hardcore Bernie supporters that they should support him in the November election — something Hillary Clinton wasn’t able to do in 2016.

Biden formed joint policy task forces with Sanders and some of his supporters to try to build a platform that progressives would support. Sanders said he’d support the final Democratic platform, but many of the delegates who are loyal to him did not join him in that promise.

Other prominent politicians said they wouldn’t be supporting Biden’s platform. One is Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib, an outspoken progressive member of a group known as The Squad in Congress. A few days before the DNC was held, she said she voted against the platform. She tweeted:

“Today, I cast my DNC ballot and voted NO on the proposed platform. I constantly hear from constituents demanding we push for a single-payer system and away from this for-profit system that is leaving people to suffer and die just because they cannot afford health care.”


“As a party, we must push for a future where every resident has the ability to thrive. That means we need a platform that works to rid our society of oppression and greed. Unfortunately, in my view this platform does not do enough.”

California Representative Ro Khanna, once a national co-chair of the Sanders campaign, also voted no on the platform. She told Fox News:

“The premise of our nation is every person has dignity. Our health care should not depend on what job you have or whether you are employed. During this pandemic, we need to commit to extending Medicare to every American. This has been part of our platform since 1980 and should be part of it again.”