Allen West Resigns Amid Rumors He Might Run For Governor

( In a move that some see as confirmation of a possible primary challenge to Governor Greg Abbott, Texas Republican Party Chair Allen West announced his resignation after only eleven months on the job.

The retired Army Lt. Col. and former Florida congressman has previously expressed interest in both running for Governor or challenging Dallas Democrat Congressman Colin Allred.

After President Trump endorsed Greg Abbott for reelection, West told reporters that Trump’s endorsement would not factor in to his decision on whether or not to launch a primary challenge to Abbott.

Currently several Republicans are considering challenging Abbot in the primary next year. For his part, Abbott told the Dally Morning News, he isn’t yet focused on his reelection campaign.

At the same time West resigned from as Texas GOP Chair, he came under fire for appearing at the Dallas conference where former Trump National Security Advisor Mike Flynn caused a backlash for floating the idea that the kind of military coup that took place in Myanmar could happen in the US.

The conference is being described in news reports as a “QAnon-affiliated” event – not unsurprising given the news media’s obsession with the group.

In the past, West himself was accused by the New York Times of being a part of QAnon. In an interview last August, West denied the claim telling a local Austin news station he is not into “internet conspiracy theories.”

West has consistently criticized Governor Abbott over his handling of the COVID pandemic – attacking the governor for imposing a mask mandate as well as his restrictions that closed Texas businesses.

West explained that, on the chance he does run for office, he does not want to have a conflict of interest or not be able to “give myself 100%” to the Texas GOP. So, rather than risk that, he would prefer to step aside as he figures out how he can best be of service.

Allen West was elected to Congress during the 2010 Tea Party blowout that wrested the House majority away from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. He served only one term.