Allan West’s Wife Arrested In What May Have Been A Setup

( On August 20, Angela West, the wife of former Texas GOP Chairman Allen West, was stopped for a traffic violation. Dallas Police stated that the officer who pulled Mrs. West over suspected that she was intoxicated, so he performed a standardized field sobriety test which ultimately led to her arrest for DWI.

West was traveling in the company of a grandchild at the time, but the boy was released to his mother.

In response to his wife’s arrested, Allen West released a video on Twitter blasting the Dallas police for arresting her and taking her to jail while leaving their grandson in the custody of police who then contacted the boy’s mother who came to fetch him.

Mrs. West was subsequently released from jail after a blood sample was obtained.

In a press conference on Monday, August 23, Dallas police chief Edgardo Garcia presented video of Angela West’s traffic stop and defended her arrest.

Garcia said that the results from the Breathalyzer test conducted during the traffic stop were inconclusive, adding that they were still waiting for the results of the blood test.

Mrs. West’s attorney Todd Shapiro disputes the claim that Angela West was intoxicated, saying that she had not been drinking. He added that a previous brain aneurysm behind Mrs. West’s right eye could account for some of the issues with her field sobriety test.

Chief Garcia told reporters that the department decided to release the footage of West’s arrest because Allen West had tried to paint a different picture of what occurred. Garcia said Allen West’s comments were a “mischaracterization.”

Though the test results ordered by Dallas Police have yet to be released, Mrs. West had a blood test done herself that she says shows that there was no alcohol in her system. Meanwhile, Allen West posted photos of the receipt from P.F. Chang where Mrs. West had been prior to the traffic stop. This receipt showed that the only beverage she consumed was lemonade.

Allen West plans to launch a primary challenge against Abbott, so people with too much time on their hands are accusing either the Governor or his campaign of having a hand in Angela West’s arrest.

Some Republican Congressional candidate from Virginia took to Twitter to accuse Governor Greg Abbott of somehow being involved in Mrs. West’s arrest.

That seems a bit of a stretch.

But because a West staffer was also pulled over in a separate incident around the same time, the conspiracy mill got churning.