Airplane Banner’s Chilling Message For “British Minority”

( A UK far-right group appears to be behind an incident that occurred in Manchester on Sunday when a banner was flown over the Premier League soccer match at Etihad Stadium.

During the game, a plane trailing a banner reading, “British to be minority by 2066” flew over the stadium.

According to news reports, people in the northwest UK also discovered leaflets with similar messages slipped through their letterboxes over the weekend.

The group Patriotic Alternative claimed responsibility for the flyers. In a post on Twitter, the group said it had activists across the UK who were posting the leaflets warning the public of “mass immigration” and “falling white birth rates.”

In a tweet last week, a user called EnglishMan’66 who describes himself as an “English civil rights activist,” said Patriotic Alternative is “leafleting the length and breadth of Britain” to spread the word of the “ethnic cleansing of the Native British people.”

As of Monday, nobody had claimed credit for flying the banner over the stadium. But as the message was similar to those on the flyers and members of the group were promoting the incident on social media, it is presumed Patriotic Alternative was also behind the Etihad Stadium incident as well.

While no official claim of credit has been forthcoming, the Manchester Evening News contacted Patriotic Alternative for comment on the banner. A spokeswoman told the paper that the group’s aim is “to raise awareness” about how the native British people are being replaced by immigrants.

While the group may not have claimed credit for the stunt, they certainly are making the most of it. Patriotic Alternative’s deputy leader, Laura Towler, posted an article about the Etihad Stadium banner to the messaging platform Telegram while some of its members have been retweeting the video of the banner being flown over the stadium.

About two years ago, another banner was flown over Manchester’s Etihad Stadium during a game against Burnley that read, “White Lives Matter Burnley.”