After Suicide Bombing, Scared Troops Reportedly Fired On Innocents

( Survivors of the deadly terror attack in Kabul last week claimed that panicked troops guarding the airport opened fire on the crowd of Afghans, inadvertently adding to the death count.

Among those shot was Muhammad Niazi, a London taxi driver who had travelled back to Afghanistan in order to get his family out of Kabul. His wife was killed in the explosion.

Niazi’s brother Abdul Hamid who was present at the time of the bombing, is the one who alleged that western military posted at the airport shot and killed people.

Other witnesses to the bombing say that many who died were killed by fire in the confusion that followed the explosion. However, Abdul Hamid contends that he saw both American and Turkish soldiers firing into the crowd.

Another man told the BBC that a friend of his who had assisted US forces during the war was shot and killed by Western troops in the chaos after the bombing. When asked if he was certain, the man said his friend died from a bullet wound to the head, adding that the military may have hit him by mistake.

There have been no official reports of Afghans killed by gunfire after Thursday’s attack; thus far the only reports come from claims made to reporters by witnesses at the scene. However, that isn’t to say it didn’t happen. Simply that military officials have not acknowledged that it happened.

On Sunday, after reports of an imminent terror attack against the airport, US Central Command conducted a drone strike within the city of Kabul.

According to CENTCOM, the strike took out an explosive-packed vehicle and the ISIS-K terrorists driving it. However, reports on the ground dispute the claim. It was reported that ten people – all from one family – were killed in the attack. Among the dead were seven children, an Afghan interpreter and a former Afghan military official.

While the Pentagon acknowledged reports of civilian deaths, it maintained that the strike was successful and the terrorists killed.

Now that the US has completed the withdrawal from Afghanistan, it is unclear what further investigations will be made into the drone strike or the reports of soldiers shooting into the crowd since the US no longer has any presence on the ground.