Adam Kinzinger Attacks Republicans For Being “Snowflakes”

( Controversial Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger is under fire from populist conservatives and Republicans, after making the bizarre claim on Twitter that “anti-vax” activists are the “REAL snowflakes.”

In a post on December 28, Kinzinger wrote:

“Real oppression: “the dear leader demands you pledge allegiance to him!” Fake oppression: “here is a healthy vaccine to protect you and others.” The anti-vax right are the REAL snowflakes.”


What Kinzinger doesn’t seem to recognize is that the “anti-vax” folk he’s talking about aren’t anti-vaccine, but pro-freedom. There’s nothing “snowflake” about opposing government mandates and forcing people to take a vaccine they don’t want.

And if you’re wondering why Kinzinger’s name rings a bell, it’s probably because you saw Fox News host Tucker Carlson tear into him during a segment in July of last year, mocking the fact that he appeared on camera crying about the January 6 “insurrection.”

Talking about the Capitol Hill riot during his opening comments into the “investigation,” he literally broke down in tears.


Tucker Carlson slammed him for the emotional outburst, adding that too many members of Congress are emotionally unstable.

“Kinzinger hadn’t cried this hard since he drank too much rose while watching the final rose ceremony on the bachelor, the one where they were mean to Brianna,” he said.

So, forgive us for not listening to anything this crybaby says…