Active Threat To U.S. Capitol Revealed

( Remember how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi erected barriers around the Washington, D.C., Capitol building in the wake of the January 6 riots, and installed security scanners at the doors, claiming that politicians were under threat from far-right extremists?

Well not only has there been no recent documented attempt by far-right extremists to attack or kill politicians in D.C., but the Senate Sergeant at Arms revealed on Saturday that she believes the U.S. Capitol is much more likely to be hit by a cyberattack than a far-right attack.

Karen Gibson said during an interview with CNN that she worries much more about the Capitol’s cybersecurity than a violent mob.

That’s bound to make CNN mad…

Gibson described how hackers attempt to gain access to Capitol computers and networks every single day, and that because of the recent wave of cyberattacks and hacks from Russia, the Capitol is taking cybersecurity more seriously than ever.

Gibson told the far-left propaganda news outlet that cybersecurity is a bigger concern for her than the “prospect of thousands of people storming the West Terrace” and explained how members of Congress have sensitive information that should not necessarily be disclosed.

Her comments come after not only the hack on America’s biggest pipeline, the Colonial Pipeline, but also JBS – the biggest meat processor in the world that has operations in the United States. The company was shut down for four whole days after a Russian hacking gang took down their networks and held the company to ransom.

The attack was attributed to “REvil,” a Russian criminal hacking group that is also believed to be behind the Colonial hack. It’s unclear how JBS solved the problem after four days, but it was widely reported that Colonial paid around $5 million to end the crisis.

Perhaps House Speaker Pelosi should be thinking more about how to protect the Capitol’s computer systems rather than building unnecessary fences…