Abortion “Doctor” Plays Victim After Lawmaker Describes What She Does For A Living

(PresidentialInsider.com)- During a hearing in the House last week, an Alabama abortionist accused Texas Congressman Chip Roy of using “inflammatory language” when he accurately described what abortion entails when performed on a 20-week-old unborn baby.

Congressman Roy asked Alabama abortionist, Dr. Yashica Robinson what was the “latest you have performed an abortion in terms of weeks of the unborn child.”

Rather than answer the question, the abortionist gave her name and said she provided “abortion care in Alabama.” She then went on to explain Alabama’s restrictions on abortion, but Roy cut her off, repeating his question.

Robinson then picked up where she left off, outlining how Alabama is one of the states that has restricted abortion. She said the restriction “limits physicians like myself—”

But Roy cut her off, asking if she wanted to be able to perform abortions later during pregnancy than the law allows. Then he repeated his question, asking Robinson what was the latest gestational age for which she performed an abortion.

Rather than directly answering him, Robinson noted that she follows state law, and Alabama only permits abortion up to 20 weeks.

Congressman Roy pointed out that abortions on a 20-week-old fetus require “dilation and extraction.” He asked Robinson if she performed this method of abortion and, “in doing so,” did she have to store or discard baby parts “in some capacity.”

A huffy Robinson took issue with the question, countering by accusing Congressman Roy and other lawmakers of using “inflammatory language” throughout the hearing.

Roy noted that it wasn’t “inflammatory language,” but a question. He asked her again if she had human baby parts as a result of abortions she’s performed.

Instead of answering, Robinson declared herself “a physician and a proud abortion provider,” and proclaimed that she was happy to discuss the “care” she provides her patients.

What she refused to discuss, however, is the butchery her “care” inflicts on the babies.

Watch the exchange: