Aaron Rodgers Says Science Is “Propaganda” If It Can’t Be Challenged

(PresidentialInsider.com)- Popular quarterback star for the Green Bay Packer, Aaron Rodgers, recently showed the politicians and public health officials what common sense means – telling the Pat McAfee Show that science that can’t be questioned is actually just propaganda.

So true.

“If science can’t be questioned, it’s not science anymore, it’s propaganda,” he told McAfee.

He added that science was once about debating what can heal people and work for people, and not about “blind agreement.”

Rodgers also recently came down with a COVID-19 infection, and he told McAfee what he did instead of taking the vaccine. He described that a series of therapeutic treatments solved his infection and that he got better within only 48 hours.

“And I had symptoms,” he confirmed.

Rodgers is a regular on McAfee’s podcast, and in another recent episode, he suggested that a good way of handling the pandemic would be to talk about embracing a healthy lifestyle. Instead of relying on vaccines and therapeutics, Rodgers said people should be learning how to be healthier, given that healthier people typically heal more quickly when recovering from COVID-19.

But the propagandists don’t want you to know that something as simple as doing exercise and taking vitamins can help most people fight COVID…