A Record Number Of Black Americans Are Running As Republicans

(PresidentialInsider.com)- According to the National Republican Congressional Committee, a record number of black candidates are running for Congress as Republicans this year. This number represents an increase of more than 50 percent over the election cycle that took place in 2020.
In an editorial post for Newsweek, Jeff Charles pointed out that the new phenomenon comes after decades of the GOP struggling to attract minority voters and recruit candidates.
According to Charles, the host of the podcast “A Fresh Perspective,” the post-Trump era appears to embrace a new approach, including supporting minority and female candidates to appeal to a broader spectrum of voters.
This pattern started during the presidency of Donald Trump. He was able to earn the support of a sizeable percentage of black voters and included a large number of black leaders during the 2020 Republican convention.
The speakers at the black conventions recounted Trump’s accomplishments for the black community, such as the lowest unemployment rate ever recorded, the First Step Act, which reforms prisons and criminal sentences, the “opportunity zones,” which incentivize investment in low-income areas, and permanent funding for historically black colleges and universities, as well as the encouragement of parental choice in education.
During an interview with the Washington Times in March, Florida Republican Representative Byron Donalds named many other black Republicans who, like himself, have been elected to office. He called Utah Representative Burgess Owens, former Florida Representative Allen West, former Utah Representative Mia Love, Virginia Lieutenant Governor Winsome Sears, and North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson.

Jeremy Hunt is a Black West Point graduate who hopes to get beyond Tuesday’s primary runoff in Georgia.

Hunt said he was not frightened of the cultural war. He’s raged against Hollywood, academia, and Big Tech for giving youngsters “poison on our phones.”

He said that we must regain our culture and doesn’t want his kid to grow up in a country where her skin color makes her a victim.

It’s taken decades for Martin Luther King’s words about judging a man by the contact of his character to resonate.

The left has always hated that notion. Identity politics defines them. Blacks are waking up to that fact.