4 in 10 Americans think the CDC Bungled Pandemic Messaging

(PresidentialInsider.com)- It is clear that the biggest obstacle to the Biden Administration’s COVID response has been its inability to present a clear, consistent message. The bungling, flip-flopping, and contradictory “guidelines” have done nothing but add to vaccine hesitancy, instill panic and uncertainty, and increase the overall confusion.

And this messaging problem is starting to play out in public opinion.

According to a recent Gallup poll conducted between August 16-22, 41 percent of Americans disagree with the statement that the CDC “communicated a clear plan of action in response to the COVID-19 situation.” Only 32 percent believe that statement is true.

When only a third of Americans believe the CDC messaging was clear, it is understandable why there is so much resistance, confusion and ambivalence surrounding the administration’s COVID response.

Clearly President Biden’s choice of Rochelle Walensky to lead the CDC is a big part of the problem. She is not an effective messenger. In fact, her public pronouncements are often contradictory. And when they’re not contradictory, they are based, not on “science,” but emotion.

But the CDC isn’t the only one with a messaging problem. Forty-two percent of respondents in Gallup’s survey don’t think President Biden is communicating clearly either.

It’s actually more shocking that this number isn’t higher. Joe Biden has never been known for his communication skills.

What remains to be seen going forward is how much President Biden’s September 9 COVID mandates will affect public opinion.

The decision to use OSHA to force businesses with more than one hundred employees to make COVID vaccinations a condition of employment or face onerous fines will no doubt add fuel to the growing opposition to this administration’s handling of their COVID response.

Biden’s divisive decision to demonize unvaccinated Americans, blame them for the current state of the pandemic, and accuse them of taking away hospital beds from vaccinated sick people is not going to sit well with many Americans outside of the mainstream news media.

The only issue where Biden’s poll numbers have remained above water is his handling of COVID.

Deciding to issue unconstitutional mandates while threatening governors and demonizing the unvaccinated is certainly one way to make sure those approval numbers sink underwater as well.