3 in 4 Americans Say Facebook Makes Society Worse, Poll Finds

(PresidentialInsider.com)- A new poll by CNN reveals how most Americans believe that social media has a negative impact on our lives. Respondents said that Facebook in particular has a negative impact on society, in part because of the way the company operates but for the most part because of how some people use the platform.

SSRS conducted the poll on behalf of CNN, and found that the vast majority of Americans believe that Facebook “makes American society worse.” Just one in 10 said that Facebook actually makes society better.

That’s a huge blow for Mark Zuckerberg, who is frantically working to reinvent Facebook’s image with a new name – “Meta” – and a new vision for creating a “metaverse.”

76% of respondents said Facebook makes society worse, 11% said it makes society better, and 13% said that it has no effect on society.

It comes after far-left activists and media outlets tried to reframe the Facebook whistleblower discussion, introducing their own “whistleblower” who said precisely the opposite of what previous whistleblowers have said.

Instead of complaining about the platform’s routine censorship of conservatives, the latest “whistleblower” Frances Haugen argued that Facebook needs to do more to censor conservatives.

55% of respondents said that Facebook is a negative force for society because of the way some people use the platform, and 45% said that it’s because of the way Facebook is run.

Don’t underestimate what the media is trying to do here. This is a wider propaganda effort to convince you it’s OK to censor people online.

Citing polls like this gives them the faux legitimacy they need.