200 Guantanamo Detainees Were Behind Taliban, Some Linked To Obama

(PresidentialInsider.com)- President Barack Obama long said that he wanted to close down Guantanamo Bay. So did then-Vice President Joe Biden – and it looks like he’s finally getting his wish.

It looks as though Guantanamo Bay, the American naval base in Cuba which houses some of the most dangerous terrorists in the world, is gradually losing its most high-profile detainees. According to a declassified Office of National Intelligence report, dated December 18 of last year, hundreds of former Guantanamo Bay inmates were released in recent years, and 200 of those have returned to engaging in terrorist activities.

The report also shows how 151 of those terrorists are still at large, revealing just how disastrous it will be if President Biden follows through on the Democrats’ plans to close down this vital American base.

Data shows how 125 former “Gitmo” prisoners have engaged in acts of terror since they were released, and 104 are suspected of having re-engaged in terrorism.

But despite the shocking data, which President Joe Biden will almost certainly have seen, the new president has reversed an order signed by former President Donald Trump to keep Guantanamo Bay open and to continue America’s important efforts to detain dangerous terrorists.

According to the Daily Mail, which saw the report, an assessment was published within the report that said trends identified over the last 17 years show that many of the detainees currently at the facility are likely to seek to re-engage in terrorist activities as soon as they are transferred to foreign countries.

The assessment notes that the problem is that those who are transferred abroad are often sent to countries that have internal instability and ongoing conflicts, meaning they are likely to be recruited by terrorist organizations in those lands.

Perhaps the most high-profile example of former Gitmo detainees re-engaging in terrorism is Abdullah Gulan Rasoul, who quickly became the head of the Taliban’s operations in southern Afghanistan after he was released from the prison in 2007.

Since then, former Gitmo detainees have been seen celebrating on the streets of Afghanistan after the Taliban assumed control over the country earlier this month.